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Each outboard has it’s own special service requirements. Here at HXOutboards we follow manufactures’ maintenance interval charts in accordance with your current engine hours. This ensures that your outboard is serviced properly, which reduces the potential for future engine faults, ultimately giving you peace of mind whilst you are out on the water. If your outboard motor is new, then following the maintenance charts will ensure your warranty is not void.

We can service your outboard where you desire, at the marina or at your home on the trailer. With smaller outboards we can pick up, service and return without mess or fuss. If you prefer we can again service the smaller outboards within the safety of your home. We have the latest oil draining tools, eliminating oil spills keeping your outboard, boat and area clean.

Our services include:

  • Diesel Inboard servicing
  • Winterisation
  • Carb Balancing
  • Carb Cleaning
  • Power Purge of Sea Star and Bay Star steering system
  • Boat trailer services